Earth, Fire, Wind, Water


I’ll slog through powder for hours on end, hike for miles in the pouring rain, or sail for days to get the perfect shot. 


I grew up in Canada, Nigeria, and Switzerland and travel extensively in India, Africa, Europe, and North America.  This has definitely changed the way I see the world.


I am mostly self-taught, fascinated with using a camera to document my surroundings and adventures since I was a kid.  I got my first SLR camera in 1983, I taught myself to draw to improve my ability for composition, and I completed a program at the NY Institute of Photography. Since then, I have worked as a staff photographer for a magazine and have exhibited at local art shows & galleries.  



About My Photography


The digital photography progression has enhanced my creative freedom.  I enjoy the digital process, especially when it comes to developing in black and white.


I create my images when interesting light and texture inspire me.  My passion is capturing the energy of the four elements of nature.


My services include fine art prints specializing in seascapes and landscapes, image licensing, commercial installations, and assignment photography.